Through collaborative research, new forms of graduate teaching and training, and engagement with the wider Boulder community, CU Boulder’s Center for Humanities and the Arts is reshaping research and education across traditional program boundaries.

The center aims to do for the humanities and arts what the university’s institutes have done for the sciences: create an environment of scholarly curiosity and shared knowledge that enriches work in multiple fields. Speaker series, workshops and transdepartmental seminars help foster mutual interests on campus and beyond, while fellowships—available for both faculty and students—provide time and support for interdisciplinary research and creative projects.

“We think about education in a broader sense than just individual home departments,” says Helmut Müller-Sievers, director of the center and Eaton Professor of Humanities and Arts. “We’re making it the care of a larger community to educate our students and expose them to expertise beyond the program in which they’re enrolled.”