Graduate study in Civil Systems will prepare you to plan and manage civil infrastructure systems on multiple scales from individual town or village level to large cities. If you have interests that span traditional civil engineering disciplines as well as outside fields, this program will allow you to focus on the global, societal, and infrastructure issues of today.

The MS degree in Civil Engineering may be obtained by completing one of three plans-- a report option, a thesis option, or a coursework only option.  The thesis option provides an opportunity to do in-depth research with a faculty member.  The report option also contains research, but at a more limited scale than a thesis.  

MS Degree Plans


Plan I: Thesis

Plan II: Report

Plan III: Coursework

Core coursework

12 hours

12 hours

12 hours

Elective coursework

12 hours

15 hours

18 hours


6 hours

3 hours



30 hours

30 hours

30 hours

Civil Systems Course Requirements:

Course ID

Term Offered

Req’d (R) /Elec. (E)

Course Name

CVEN 5147



Civil Engineering Systems & Planning

CVEN 5454



Statistical Methods for Civil Systems (Or equivalent)*
*Other options: EMEN 5005 Introduction to Applied Statistical Methods,
CVEN 5454 Statistical Methods for Natural and Engineered Systems, or
EDUC 8230 Quantitative Methods I.

CVEN 5565



Life-cycle Engineering Of Civil Infrastructure Systems


Course emphasizing techniques or social implications of civil systems

Recommended Electives

Civil Engineering Electives

  • CVEN 5393 Water Resource Systems and Management

Engineering for Developing Communities

  • CVEN 5919 Sustainable Community Development I
  • CVEN 5929 Sustainable Community Development II
  • CVEN 5939 Sustainable Community Development Field Practicum
  • ATLS 5250   Field Work Methods

Other Electives

  • ATLS 5250   Field Work Methods
  • SOC 5037    Graduate Seminar on Hazards, Disasters, and Risk
  • GEOG 5023 Quantitative Methods in Geography
  • GEOG 5100 GIS in the Social and Natural Sciences
  • GEOG 5113 Advanced GIS: Integrating Data Across Space and Time

The PhD program requires approximately one additional year of coursework and a dissertation. At the PhD level, Civil Systems is an emphasis within the Civil or Architectural Engineering Program. As a student, you will complete three examinations and make a public presentation.