Woman sits in an airport while wearing a mask.

Experts weigh in on airborne transmission of COVID-19

COVID-19 may be able to travel from person to person through tiny particles floating in the air, according to a letter signed by 239 scientists from across the globe.

Administering a vaccine

Developing the COVID-19 vaccine is only half the battle

Distributing a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine may be even more challenging than developing it, which is why CU Boulder researchers and the CU spinoff VitriVax Inc. are so focused on finding a way to get vaccines to 7.8 billion people.

Drive up covid testing

Rising to the challenge: COVID-19 research solutions

Rising to the challenge: COVID-19 research solutions for campus and beyond

Open book and plant graphic

New models of education in times of change

In a time of uncertainty and ever-changing responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in schools, many education scholars and schools are turning to research to help guide the way and reduce inequities in education.

U.S. Marine Corps escorting the community on raft

On uneven ground

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, water indiscriminately flooded the homes of Houston residents, but financial help did not pour in as equally.

Los Seis Memorial

A place for ‘Los Seis’

CU Boulder student works with community to honor Chicano activists killed in 1974

Srubar Lab research

Building materials come alive with help from bacteria

Integrating living, multiplying bacteria could increase efficiency and sustainability of building material production and use

An Alfred Wegener Institute permafrost team inspects a massive thaw slump on the Yedoma coast of the Bykovsky Peninsula.

Permafrost thaw and the climate

Extreme thawing endangers ecosystems and communities, speeds release of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere.

Students with robot

Sub T Challenge sharpens students’ skill in the field

Competition tests autonomous robots—built, tested and deployed by CU Boulder students—in underground search and rescue effectiveness.

Scientist in the Arctic

A MOSAiC View of the Arctic

Global collaboration launches hundreds of scientists on yearlong journey of discovery.