A withdrawal from CU Boulder occurs if you:

  • never register for classes in a fall or spring semester; or
  • drop all Main Campus classes for a semester; or
  • submit a withdrawal request to the Office of the Registrar.

Regardless of the withdrawal method you choose, you may be assessed tuition and fees and receive W grades on your transcript, depending on when you withdraw (see the current term's withdrawal information in the Resources sidebar).

Nonattendance does not constitute a withdrawal, nor is it the professor's responsibility to drop students for nonattendance. If you stop attending a class, you are still liable for all applicable tuition and fees, and you will receive a failing grade.

If you wish to drop a few classes from your schedule rather than withdrawing from the university, please see Drop a Class for more information.

How to Withdraw

  • It is strongly recommended that students check with their advisor to determine degree requirements that may be unfulfilled by withdrawing.
  • Military personnel ordered to active duty or national or state emergency relief workers, see military withdrawal procedures

To withdraw from a current term in progress, you should:

  1. Review the current term's withdrawal information (see Resources sidebar) and withdrawal calendar to understand the potential impacts of withdrawing.
  2. Submit a withdrawal form to Office of the Registrar.
  3. Use the withdrawal checklist to complete your withdrawal (e.g., if you live in a residence hall, complete the checkout procedures; if you receive financial aid, contact the Office of Financial Aid).

Incoming First-Year and Transfer Students

Are you new to CU? Are you planning on canceling or withdrawing your application? If you confirmed your intent to enroll but will not be attending CU Boulder, you must notify the university that you are canceling your application by emailing admissions@colorado.edu until the first week of classes. Dropping your classes does not constitute a withdrawal, and you may be responsible for tuition and fees. Once classes begin, you must submit a withdrawal form to be discontinued. You will not be eligible to take a leave of absence from CU Boulder; you must reapply to return.

You’ll also need to contact your residential academic program (RAP) advisor, the housing office and the Office of Financial Aid to inform them of your withdrawal.

If you attend class during your first term and withdraw by the drop deadline (third Wednesday of class for fall and spring terms) and receive W grades, you are not eligible for a leave of absence.

Returning Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students who have completed at least one semester at CU Boulder may take an optional leave of absence of up to two semesters off plus summer from their last graded CU Boulder term without having to apply for a leave of absence. Please refer to the return chart. A leave of absence allows students to maintain access to some university services and programs.

Graduate, Law and MBA Students

Graduate students must sign up for a leave of absence. Department and college approval is required on the application. If you do not sign up for a leave of absence, you will be discontinued.

Nondegree students who are only enrolled through the Division of Continuing Education must withdraw through that division. Students who choose to drop all classes in MyCUInfo through the 10th week of the fall or spring term must read the current term's withdrawal information (see Resources sidebar) and withdrawal checklist for impacts associated with withdrawing from CU Boulder, as well as the withdrawal calendar for refund periods and dates.

Returning to CU

If you take a leave of absence from CU Boulder, you may return by registering for classes through MyCUInfo within the allotted time (see the return chart). You will continue to have access to your MyCUInfo portal and student email account during the approved leave of absence. Graduate students must be on an official leave of absence to have access to their student accounts.

While you are on leave, monitor your student accounts and resolve any to-do items or holds. If you were refunded your confirmation deposit or had your confirmation deposit credited toward the withdrawal fee, you must repay the confirmation deposit upon returning to the university.

If you do not return within the allotted time, your student record will be discontinued and you will have to reapply to CU Boulder in order to return.