What They Are

While most Main Campus classes meet for the entire fall or spring semester, some classes are better suited to a shorter timeframe. Departments may choose to offer those classes in a special session.

Special sessions occur during the regular fall or spring semester, but last for only four, five or eight weeks. Since special session classes start and end on different dates than full-semester classes, their add, drop and withdrawal deadlines also differ.

When registering for classes, pay close attention to the name of the session (e.g., "Boulder Campus 8-Wk Session 1") and the class's meeting dates (e.g., "2022-01-10 through 2022-03-02") so you know what to expect.

Special Session Dates Are Unique
Special session add, drop and withdrawal deadlines do not match the full-semester deadlines. If you're taking a special session class, it's your responsibility to familiarize yourself with that session's academic calendar.

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