When You Can Drop

The information below applies to dropping one or more Main Campus classes while remaining enrolled in at least one.

Dropping all of your Main Campus classes constitutes withdrawal and has a different impact on your tuition and fees. See Withdraw from the Semester for details.

Without Penalty

You may drop a class without penalty during:

  • Your assigned enrollment dates
  • The schedule adjustment period (fall registration only)
  • The open enrollment period 

The last day to drop a class without tuition/fee charges and without a W grade is published in the academic calendar (see below).

With W Grades & Full Tuition/Fee Assessment

If you drop a class after the no-penalty deadline, but before the published last day to drop a class (see calendar below), a W grade will post to your transcript and you'll be required to pay full tuition and fees for the dropped class.

After the last day to drop a class, you'll need to contact your advisor or department to learn whether you can petition for a late drop. Supporting documentation may be required.

How to Drop

To drop one or more of your enrolled or waitlisted classes:

  1. Log in to Buff Portal.
  2. On the your classes card, select the class you want to drop.
  3. Select "Drop/Swap/Edit Class."
  4. Select "Drop This Class," then "Continue."
  5. In the registration system, tick the checkbox next to each class you want to drop, then click "Drop Selected Classes."
  6. Review your selection, then click "Finish Dropping."

If it worked, you'll see a confirmation message. If it didn't, you'll see an error message; read the description for details.

Administrative Drops

Administrative drops can occur for two reasons:

  • Nonattendance
  • Missing required course prerequisites or corequisites

You must attend class regularly to guarantee your place in a class during the first two weeks of the semester. If you fail to attend, you may be administratively dropped at the discretion of the department offering the course; however, this is not guaranteed.

Check with your instructor about their specific policy regarding administrative drops for nonattendance and review your schedule to confirm any and all drops.