Why You'd Reserve a Course

Our course reservation policy is intended to allow degree-seeking undergrads to enroll in an upcoming course they were previously waitlisted for so they can meet their degree requirements.

If, for example, you were on a class waitlist last fall semester and you remained on the waitlist through the waitlist cancellation date (and you didn't get into the class later), you could potentially use course reservation to make sure you get a place in that course the next time it's offered.

When You Can Do It

You can submit an online course reservation form during the published course reservation periods, which occur before registration opens for that semester. 

  • Typically, the waitlist cancellation date occurs during the fourth week of the semester and the course reservation deadline occurs during the ninth week of the semester. (Upcoming dates will appear in the calendar sidebar below when available.)

You may be eligible to use course reservation if:

  1. You're an undergraduate, degree-seeking student.
  2. Your name was added to a class waitlist and was not removed prior to the posted waitlist deadline.*
  3. You don't have any registration holds.
  4. The requested class is an eligible undergraduate course (the following courses are not eligible: graduate, department consent required, controlled enrollment and Continuing Education).
  5. You meet the requisites for the course.
  6. The course is being offered in fall or spring (summer courses are not eligible).

*Course reservation only applies to official class waitlists managed by the registration system; it does not apply to waitlists kept manually by departments.

**Some courses are only offered once a year. If your course is not available in the fall/spring term immediately following your first attempt to register, you may be eligible for course reservation in the next fall/spring term. Contact the Office of the Registrar to verify.

How to Reserve a Course

During the course reservation period:

  1. Use CU Boulder Class Search to identify the section of your previously waitlisted course you want to take.
  2. Complete and submit the online course reservation form.

If you and the class meet the eligibility requirements, an enrollment representative will register you for the requested class.