Course reservation allows eligible students to enroll in courses in which they were waitlisted during the previous semester the courses were offered. For example, if you were on a class waitlist in fall semester, remained on the waitlist through the posted deadline, and did not get in to the class, you could potentially use course reservation to reserve a place in that course in spring (or next fall**) semester.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. You are an undergraduate, degree-seeking student.

  2. Your name was added to a class waitlist and was not removed prior to the posted waitlist deadline.*

  3. You do not have any registration holds on MyCUInfo.

  4. The requested class is an eligible undergraduate course (the following courses are not eligible: graduate, department consent required and controlled enrollment).

  5. You meet the prerequisites for the course.

  6. The course is being offered in fall or spring (summer courses are not eligible).

*Course reservation only applies to class waitlists accessed during registration through MyCUInfo; it does not apply to waitlists kept manually by departments.

**Some courses are only offered once a year. If your course is not available in the fall/spring term immediately following your first attempt to register, you may be eligible for course reservation in the next fall/spring term. Contact the Office of the Registrar to verify.

If All Requirements Are Met

  1. Use either MyCUInfo or CU Boulder Class Search to identify which section of the previously waitlisted course you want to take next semester.
  2. During the posted course reservation period (see the Academic Calendar), complete and submit the online Course Reservation Form.
  3. An enrollment representative will register you for your requested class.