About Class Options

After you click "Add to Cart" in CU Boulder Class Search, you're asked to select among the available class options before you add it to your cart. Learn more about each of the options below.

Grade Mode

Depending on what's allowed by the department offering the class, you may have the option to take it pass/fail or for no credit. The grade mode drop-down will include at least one of the following options.

  • Letter: You'll earn a letter grade that will appear on your transcript. For many classes, this is the only grading option allowed.
  • No Credit Basis (Audit): You'll pay tuition for the class, but you won't earn a grade or credit hours.
  • Pass/Fail: You'll earn a letter grade that determines whether a P (pass) or F (fail) will appear on your transcript. A grade of P (pass) doesn't affect your GPA and appears on your transcript if you earn a grade of D- or above. A grade of F (fail) does affect your GPA.

Before you take a class pass/fail, carefully review the credit and grading policies for your specific college, school or program to determine the number of pass/fail credit hours you're allowed to take in a given semester or apply toward your degree.

Credit Hours

Select courses (e.g., independent study, thesis, dissertation) are offered for a variable number of credits. You must designate the number of credit hours you'd like to receive when you add the class to your shopping cart.

How to Change a Class Option

If you decide to change your grading basis or attempted credits after registering for the class:

  1. Log in to Buff Portal.
  2. On the change your schedule card, select the class you want to change.
  3. Select "Edit This Class."
  4. Select "Continue."
  5. If prompted, select the correct term.
  6. Select the class you want to change, then select "Continue."
  7. Select your new class option, then select "Next."
  8. Review your change(s), then select "Finish Editing."