This action allows you to simultaneously drop a class you're currently enrolled in and replace it with a different class.

When You Can Swap

You may swap classes during:

  • Your assigned enrollment dates
  • The schedule adjustment period
  • The open enrollment period

After the last day to add a class in Buff Portal, you need instructor and/or department permission (requirements vary by department) to add a class to your schedule. Late adds are typically only approved if the class has space available and you've been attending class regularly.

Why You'd Swap

We encourage you to swap out a class you're enrolled in if:

  • You're trying to move from one lab or recitation into a different lab or recitation* (if you drop the lab or recitation instead of swapping it with a different one, you'll be dropped from the lecture and could get shut out)
  • The class you're currently enrolled in is full (if you drop your enrolled class and can't get into the replacement class, you'll get shut out of your original class) 
  • You're only taking one class (if you drop your only enrolled class, you could inadvertently start the withdrawal process)

*Note: The new lab or recitation must have seats available. If you try to swap your enrolled lab or recitation with one that's closed with a waitlist, you'll lose your place in both the lab or recitation and the lecture.