What Are Waitlists?

    When a class is full but registration is still open, some departments allow students to join a waitlist to be automatically enrolled if a seat becomes available in the class.

    When you're on a waitlist, you aren't enrolled in the class; however, you do appear on the class roster and have access to online class materials, and the class's credit hours are included in your credit-load limit.

    Waitlist Types

    There are two types of waitlists:

    • Automatic waitlists are first-come, first-served. When a seat becomes available in the class, the person who's been on the waitlist the longest is automatically enrolled.
    • Resequenced waitlists use a priority system to determine who is automatically enrolled when a seat becomes available. Priorities are established by the department and are usually based on the student's class standing and/or major. 

    Using Drop if Enrolled

    If you're a full-time student, it's a good idea to enroll in a backup class to fill out your schedule in case you never get into your waitlisted class. If you've set up drop if enrolled and you get enrolled in your waitlisted class, the system will drop your backup class for you automatically.

    When They're Active

    Class waitlists are available during these enrollment periods:

    • Your assigned enrollment dates (new undergrads may not waitlist for fall classes)
    • The schedule adjustment period (fall registration only)
    • The open enrollment period

    How to Use Them

    How to Join a Waitlist

    1. In CU Boulder Class Search, a status of "Waitlisted" indicates the class is full but a waitlist is available.
    2. Select "Add to Cart."
    3. Choose the grade mode, then select "OK."
    4. In your cart, select "Continue to Enrollment."
    5. If prompted, select the term you're enrolling in, then select "Continue."
    6. Scroll down to the "CU Boulder Shopping Cart" section and tick the checkbox next to the class.
    7. Select "Add Selected Classes."
    8. Confirm your selection(s), then select "Finish Enrolling." If you get an error message, read the description for details.
    9. A message will confirm that you've been added to the waitlist and will indicate your waitlist position.

    How to Set Up Drop If Enrolled (Optional)