Withdrawal Procedure

Withdrawal Form

To officially withdraw from the university, submit an online withdrawal form (see Withdraw from the Semester).

Withdrawal Checklist

To ensure your withdrawal is complete, refer to the withdrawal checklist.

International Students

Consult with International Student & Scholar Services (303-492-8057, isss@colorado.edu) before you withdraw. Failure to do so could endanger your immigration status.

Continuing Education (CE) Students

If you're enrolled in CE classes only, contact CE (303-492-5148, ceregistration@colorado.edu) to withdraw.

Students Ordered to Active Duty & Emergency Personnel

Contact the Office of the Registrar and provide a copy of your orders. See Withdraw from the Semester.

Housing & RAP Information

Residence Halls

Notify your hall director and complete the checkout procedure within 48 hours of withdrawing. To learn more, see Housing & Dining's move-out and break information.

Graduate & Family Housing

Submit an Intent to Vacate (ITV) form to the Graduate & Family Housing office at least 45 days before you move out. To learn more, see Housing and Dining's move-out information for Graduate and Family Housing.

Bear Creek

Notify staff of your withdrawal (303-735-2275, bearcreekapartments@colorado.edu). To learn more, see Housing & Dining's move-out and break information.

Student-Selected Opportunities

Athletic Tickets

Purchased athletic tickets remain valid for the semester. To return tickets, contact the athletics box office (303-492-8337).

Recreation Services

Withdrawn students are not eligible to use The Rec, but students on an official leave of absence may purchase a student affiliate membership. For refunds or exceptions, contact Recreation Services (303-492-6880).

Returning to CU Boulder

Degree-Seeking Undergraduates

If you received grades for at least one CU Boulder semester, you may take up to two consecutive semesters off plus one summer without having to reapply (see the return chart). You'll keep your registration priority and retain access to your CU accounts. You may apply for optional leave of absence benefits.

Graduate, Law & MBA Students

If you don't enroll in classes or receive grades (W grades count) in a fall or spring semester, you must apply for a leave of absence to remain in your program. You'll keep your registration priority and may access certain benefits while away. Approval signatures are required.