Students are allowed to take a leave of absence from CU Boulder; however, the leave-of-absence process differs for undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Undergraduate students may take up to two semesters off plus summer after their last graded semester at CU Boulder without having to apply for a leave of absence. Please refer to the return chart. Undergraduate students may choose to participate in certain optional CU Boulder benefits during their semester(s) away.
  • Graduate students must apply for a leave of absence if you withdraw from or do not enroll in classes for a fall or spring semester.* Graduate students who do not apply for a leave of absence will be discontinued and must reapply to the university in order to return to CU Boulder.
  • If you're called to military active duty, see the Military Personnel & Emergency Workers withdrawal information.

*A leave of absence is not required for summer semester; graduate students not taking summer classes are still considered active students.