What are Student Capstone Projects?

Student Capstone Projects arise out of university offered senior capstone and graduate capstone courses housed in university departments. These projects are funded by an external sponsor, whether industry or Federal. Departments and programs within the university may choose to partner with outside organizations as a part of their core curricular needs in order to offer undergraduate and graduate students with real-world industry experience, build relationships with external sponsors, and meet the educational objectives. Often, these projects lead to job opportunities for graduating students.

When is a signed agreement for a Student Capstone Project required?

While student projects can be funded as a gift to the University, any Student Capstone Project that includes a deliverable to an external customer requires a legally binding contract. The contract will include standard university requirements as well as terms and conditions relevant to the work. The Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) works with the external sponsor and university department to ensure that  Student Capstone Project contracts are in place.