Service agreements are legally binding contracts used for the sale of a good or service (fee for service) from CU Boulder to an external entity. These agreements include standard university requirements and terms and conditions relevant to the current work.

Eligible service activities may include consulting, work for hire, testing, analysis, equipment use, specific training, etc. The work may be similar to sponsored research projects, but without scientific investigation or conclusions. The labs and personnel used are normally engaged in research, development and creative works yet have excess capacity to handle additional work for external entities. Some opportunities may have the option to utilize a university approved quotation instead of a required signed agreement. Other opportunities with a higher level of complexity will require additional support by the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG).

External sales and service offerings are a valuable approach to enhance relationships, increase research funding and provide job opportunities for students. Often these projects grow into larger research opportunities.

The Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) oversees the various stages of contract negotiations, execution and project management of service agreements.

To initiate specific requests, please choose the appropriate option:

Submit any other determination or agreement requests or questions to

Office of Contracts and Grants – Service Contract Team

Rachel Baldwin
Contract Officer - Services 

Rebecca Glazer
Contract Administrator - Services