Program Description

The Dual-Track Professional Master of Science degree in civil engineering aims to provide students and practicing professionals graduate-level engineering specialization and technical competence in more than a single area. The intended cross-disciplinary training and perspective is often needed to serve or lead in the diverse field of civil engineering where engineers typically have to work in and interact with others from more than one discipline in large and small projects, private and government sectors, in design and development as well as consulting services. The broader technical preparation will expand their career opportunities, professional outlook and provide multiple pathways to leadership and management positions. The high demand nationally for more broadly trained graduates in civil engineering to satisfy our sustainable and resilient infrastructure needs and in turn the national’s overall economical development points to the benefit of a cross-disciplinary General Civil Engineering coursework-only professional master’s degree. With the wide spectrum of classes for the students to choose from the Department and the College, students will have a wide selection of graduate courses to complete the Professional Master of Science degree in one year.


CVEN Dual-Track PMP Option Requirements

Required Courses and Credits:


In this program, students are required to select:

1.  9 credit hours from one or more of the Group A-course lists for the four sub-areas below,

2. 15 credit hours from more than one of the Group B-course lists for the four sub-areas below,

3.  6 credits of 5000-level free electives, broadly categorized as Group C, from the extensive course offerings in the four group As and Bs below, other courses in civil engineering and other engineering departments in the college, or professional management classes, such as EMEN 5010 and EMEN 5020, in consultation with CVEN PMP advisors to design the most effective course plan for their interests.



List of Group A and B courses in 4 sub-areas in CVEN-Dual-Track PMP:




Sub-area 1: Structural Engineering


Group A


CVEN 5161

Advanced Mechanics of Materials I


CVEN 5525

Matrix Structural Analysis


CVEN 5511

Introduction to Finite Element Analysis


CVEN 5111

Structural Dynamics


Group B


CVEN 5575

Advanced Topics in Steel Design


CVEN 5585

Advanced Topics in Reinforced Concrete Design


CVEN 6595

Earthquake Engineering



Sub-area 2: Construction Engineering


Group A


CVEN 5836

Special Topics for Seniors/Grads (CEM Fundamentals)


CVEN 5226

Construction Safety


CVEN 5246

Legal Aspects of Construction


Group B


CVEN 5276

Engineering Risk and Decision Analysis


CVEN 5346

Managing Construction and Engineering Projects and Organizations


CVEN 5836

Special Topics for Seniors/Grads



Sub-area 3: Geotechnical Engineering


Group A


CVEN 5708

Soil Mechanics


CVEN 5798

Dynamics of Soils and Structures


CVEN 5788

Computational Modeling in Geotechnical Engineering


CVEN 5768

Introduction to Rock Mechanics


Group B


CVEN 5628

Seepage and Slopes


CVEN 5728

Foundation Engineering


CVEN 5818

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering



Sub-area 4: Water Resources Engineering


Group A


CVEN 5333

Physical Hydrology


CVEN 5353

Groundwater Hydrology


CVEN 5313

Environmental Fluid Mechanics


CVEN 5454

Statistical Methods for Natural and Engineered Systems


CVEN 5537

Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering


Group B


CVEN 5363

Modeling of Hydrologic Systems


CVEN 5393

Water Resources System and Management


CVEN 5383

Applied Groundwater Modeling


CVEN 5343

Transport and Dispersion in Surface Water


CVEN 5423

Water Resources Engineering Design