New Venture Challenge at Boulder Theater

CU Boulder named 2021 Innovation Award winner by APLU

CU Boulder, which earned the Innovation & Economic Prosperity (IEP) designation in 2019 from the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), received the APLU’s Innovation Award in 2021.

Student working on laptop in library

CU Boulder, CSU Pueblo team up to study the impact of technology lending to students

CU Boulder and CSU Pueblo are partnering on a research study to investigate whether lending laptop computers improves graduation rates and other academic performance indicators for firstyear students with unmet financial need.

Computing infrastructure Alpine

Research computing: A top-tier research university’s unsung zeros and ones

The old saying “a carpenter is only as good as his tools” is equally appropriate for the modern-day researcher: More than ever, truly pioneering research depends on world-class infrastructure, including high performance computing.

Members of Circles de Confianza (of Trust)

Circles de Confianza, Circles of Trust

In partnership with a group of Latinx high school students from Boulder Valley School District, researchers from the Renée Crown Wellness Institute at CU Boulder have developed and implemented a peer-led model of social support called Circles de Confianza (of Trust).

Doctor performing a sonogram on a patient

Troubling implications of court reversal?

Research suggests that a nationwide ban on abortion could increase maternal mortality by double digits

Kindergarten student in class

Stark differences in kindergartens emerge

Early childhood learners from low-income schools wait more, move less than wealthier school peers

Face and DNA illustration

Multiple diagnoses are the norm with mental illness; new study helps explain why

More than half of people diagnosed with one psychiatric disorder will be diagnosed with a second or third.

Chase Velasquez

American Indian Law Clinic provides vital legal services to Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Colorado Law’s American Indian Law Clinic is helping to provide critical legal services to members of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.

Lydia Wagenknecht

Music student finds inspiration at the gateway to Antarctica

Lydia Wagenknecht, a PhD candidate in ethnomusicology at CU Boulder’s College of Music and a recent recipient of a Fulbright Research Award, delves into questions of equity, justice and ecotourism in Chile, particularly around the city of Punta Arenas.

W.E.B. Du Bois

CU Boulder race scholar reframes Du Bois’ scholarly legacy

W.E.B. Du Bois is considered one of the most influential thinkers of the modern era—and yet, most of his legacy has been confined to his scholarly work within racial studies.