Student and bird performance art

Teen birdwatchers turn research into performance art

A group of 11 high school students in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) spent their summer observing birds interacting with the environment through the guided arts and sciences approach of the Side by Side project.

Pueblo music mural

American Music Research Center explores musical traditions of Pueblo, Colorado

The College of Music’s American Music Research Center (AMRC) is breaking ground with its innovative Soundscapes of the People project, a comprehensive research effort in collaboration with local community stakeholders to document, preserve and engage with diverse musical and cultural influences in and around Pueblo, Colorado.

Closeup of bee pollinating flower

Common plants and pollinators act as anchors for ecosystems

The next time you go for a hike, take a moment to appreciate the seemingly ordinary life all around you.

Western water diagram showing from top to bottom: air, organisms, soil, water, rock

Western water and the ‘critical zone’

Three CU Boulder faculty are leading a five-year, $6.9 million National Science Foundation grant to study the “critical zone”—from Earth’s bedrock to tree canopy top—in the American West.

Salmon swimming upriver

Research on salmon genetics could aid in conservation

Assistant Professor Ryan Layer is working to discover structural variants in salmon’s genetic code.

Person standing in the arctic

CU Boulder provides leadership and coordination to national Arctic research initiative

In collaboration with Alaska Pacific University and the University of Alaska Fairbanks, CU Boulder is cohosting the Community Office for the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Navigating the New Arctic initiative, which uses convergence research to address and mitigate climate-change-related challenges in the rapidly changing Arctic.


Could today’s Rocky Mountain forests become tomorrow’s grasslands?

With wildfires becoming more frequent across the West, people ask: What will become of our forests?

Soil sensor

Soil sensors of the future could reduce waste, costs

Researchers are designing a cheap soil sensor that can easily be tilled over at the end of the growing season while still providing high-quality information to farmers.

Electric car driving in Boulder, CO

The future of transportation is electric

New engineering research center aims to electrify transportation, expand education.

AI in the classroom

The new science of teaming

Artificial intelligence in classrooms could add up to real advances in education.