Research involves micro- and nano-electromechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS) for transducers, sensors and actuators with a new interdisciplinary initiative in engineering for quantum technology applications. Active programs are also underway in nano and microscale characterization, design of materials and simulation. Atomic, nano and micro fabrication technologies and advanced packaging are strengths.

Area Strengths

Victor Bright, Longji Cui, Svenja Knappe, Baowen Li, Ronggui Yang, Xiaobo Yin

  • Sensors/Detectors based on quantum principles
  • Engineering systems based on quantum technology
  • Materials based on quantum theory and simulation

Y.C. Lee, Ronggui Yang, Xiaobo Yin

  • Micro heat pipe technology
  • Nanoscale and ultrafast thermal sciences
  • Thermoelectric devices and materials
  • Micro/nano-engineering for phase-change heat transfer enhancement
  • Micro/nano-structured optical materials for radiation control and solar energy harvesting
  • Nanoscale and ultrafast thermal sciences

Xiaoyun (Sean) Ding, Marina Vance

  • Microfluidics for micro/nano manipulation
  • Human exposure to nanomaterials from consumer products
  • Environmental implications of incidental and engineered nanomaterials

Victor Bright, Carson Bruns, Xiaoyun (Sean) Ding, SeHee Lee, Y.C. Lee, Wei Tan, Greg Whiting, Jianliang Xiao

  • Scalable-manufacturing for micro/ nano-structured materials and systems
  • Atomic layer thin-film deposition for MEMS/NEMS
  • Lab on a chip and microfluidic devices
  • Carbon nanotube technology for microsystems
  • Micro/nano-structured materials for energy storage and conversion
  • Multifunctional energy harvesting and storage devices
  • Stretchable/flexible electronics
  • Electrochemical phenomena in microsystems

Carson Bruns, Yifu Ding, Jianliang Xiao

  • Mechanics of nanoscale materials and systems
  • Nanostructured polymers for smart materials and separation applications
  • Nanostructural materials synthesis and characterization