2021-22 Awards

Employee Recognition Award

2020-21 Awards

Outstanding Service Award

  • Daven Henze - Leadership efforts in the undergrad program through the pandemic.
  • Janet Tsai - Leadership with the DEI movement.
  • Yifu Ding - Leadership on the personnel committee, which tackled the most cases ever last year.  

Outstanding Undergraduate Educators

  • Daria Kotys-Schwartz and Shalom Ruben - Recognized for their work in the class room and for their efforts to keep project-based learning in the curriculum, during a mostly remote year.  

Outstanding Graduate Educator

  • Peter Hamlington - Leadership and for doing a great job with his first time teaching 5020 and Intro to Research.  

Outstanding Staff Award

  • All staff members
    • Each staff member provided excellent work that even went beyond the 'normal' pandemic.  
    • Two of the ME staff leaders went on parental leave partway through the year. They developed and implemented a plan that continued the ME research programs as an education mission. 
    • When five staff members left the department, the entire staff, as a team, took on the numerous roles needed to keep the department moving forward with high quality work.
    • Hired five new staff members.

Outstanding Research Award

  • Mark Borden and Massimo Ruzzene - Recognized for leading extremely productive research groups and producing 10+ papers last year.

Woodward Outstanding Faculty Award 

  • Shelly Miller - Miller's indoor air quality, COVID transmission research and the amazing service to the campus and society was certainly award worthy.  

2019-20 Award Recipients

  • Outstanding Graduate Educator - Sean Humbert

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Educator - Derek Reamon

  • Outstanding Service Award - Daria Kotys-Schwartz

  • Outstanding Researcher - Shelly Miller

  • Woodward Outstanding Faculty Award - Rong Long

  • Outstanding Staff Award - George Carter

2018-19 Award Recipients

  • Outstanding Staff Award - George Carter

  • Charles A. Hutchinson Memorial Teaching Award - Jeff Knutsen

2017-18 Award Recipients

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Educator - Keith Regner & Shalom Ruben

  • Outstanding Graduate Educator - Mark Rentschler

  • Outstanding Researcher - Franck Vernerey

  • Outstanding Service - Julie Steinbrenner

  • Outstanding Staff - America Palacios

  • Woodward Outstanding Faculty - Greg Rieker

  • Distinguished Achievement Award - John Daily