slide ring polymer contraction

Researchers scale up tiny actuator inspired by muscle

Nov. 12, 2020

Researchers at CU Boulder are collaborating to develop a new kind of biocompatible actuator that contracts and relaxes in only one dimension, like muscles. Their research may one day enable soft machines to fully integrate with our bodies to deliver drugs, target tumors, or repair aging or dysfunctional tissue.


New technology diagnoses sickle cell disease in record time

Oct. 15, 2020

Diseases of the blood, like sickle cell disease, have traditionally taken a full day, tedious lab work and expensive equipment to diagnose, but researchers across disciplines have developed a way to diagnose these conditions with greater precision in only one minute.

medical tattoos

Dynamic tattoos promise to warn wearers of health threats

Sept. 24, 2020

Researchers are developing tattoo inks that do more than make pretty colors. Some can sense chemicals, temperature and UV radiation, setting the stage for tattoos that diagnose health problems.

cu quantum

Engineers helped lay foundation for campus quantum research efforts, new center

Aug. 31, 2020

A new $25 million center to advance quantum science on CU Boulder’s campus has deep roots in CU Engineering’s interdisciplinary research efforts.

dog sniffing

Scientists win grant to unravel mystery of how animals track scent

Aug. 12, 2020

Seeking to understand how animals follow scent, a team of scientists has won a grant to peer deeply inside the brain as the process takes place.

desalination plant

Salt solution: Researcher sets out to make desalination more efficient

Nov. 1, 2019

University of Colorado Boulder postdoctoral researcher Omkar Supekar of mechanical engineering is working on a technique that could make desalination facilities more efficient by changing the way they detect chemicals that clog up their filters.


Novel microwave sensor developed at CU Boulder

July 5, 2019

Researchers are developing sensors based on technologies used in chip-scale atomic clocks and optically pumped magnetometers with sensitivity and accuracy able to support wireless broadband antenna technologies.

miniature microscope

Researchers win grant to commercialize miniature microscope

July 3, 2019

Victor Bright and a team of CU Boulder and CU Anschutz researchers have received a grant to commercialize a miniature microscope that fits on the head of a mouse and can peer deeply inside the living brain.

magnetic field

CU researchers working to reduce cost of studying magnetic field

Feb. 25, 2019

ME Associate Research Professor Svenja Knappe collaborates with Bob Marshall to bring down the cost of small satellites called CubeSats and tiny sensors previously used to collect measurements of the brain.

Example of the electronic skin on a human arm.

New malleable 'electronic skin' self-healable, recyclable

Feb. 12, 2018

CU Boulder researchers have developed a new type of malleable, self-healing and fully recyclable “electronic skin” that has applications ranging from robotics and prosthetic development to better biomedical devices. Electronic skin, known as e-skin, is a thin, translucent material that can mimic the function and mechanical properties of human skin...