Biomedical engineering employs quantitative methods in physics, chemistry and biology to develop innovative medical technologies.

At CU Boulder, we draw from our strengths in biomechanics – the application of classical and quantum mechanics to analyze biological systems – to tackle current and emerging medical challenges. We partner with clinicians and clinical researchers at CU Anschutz Medical Campus and various industry partners, such as Medtronic and Conmed Electrosurgery. 

Area Strengths

Alaa AhmedFrancois Barthelat, Virginia Ferguson, Maureen Lynch, Corey Neu, Wei Tan, Franck Vernerey

  • Multiscale mechanics of biological material and soft matter
  • Computational modeling
  • Neural control of movement
  • Tissue engineering

Francois Barthelat, Mark Borden, Carson BrunsVirginia Ferguson, Todd MurrayWei Tan

Carson Bruns, Xiaoyun "Sean" Ding, Jean Hertzberg, Debanjan Mukherjee, Wei Tan

  • Microfluidics
  • Cardiovascular biomechanics
  • Drug delivery

Maureen Lynch, Corey Neu

  • Cell and nuclear mechanobiology
  • Cancer cell mechanobiology

Mark Borden, Nick BottenusTodd MurrayCorey Neu

Xiaoyun "Sean" DingMark Rentschler

  • Medical mechatronics
  • Device design
  • Lab on a chip