Are you a graduate student? Become a mentor. Are you an undergraduate student? Learn from those who have been there before. 

Stem Routes LogoSTEM Routes aims to provide community-based support and career mentorship to underrepresented CU students as they find their paths in STEM. The program helps undergraduate students explore and define their career goals as they become prepared for their next step in STEM, be it graduate school, medical training or the STEM workforce. This is a great opportunity for graduate students to act as mentors and for undergraduate students to learn from someone who is eager to help them grow. STEM Routes aims to provide training, mentorship and community

  • Training: Workshops to plant the seeds for basic skills students by combining workshops, one-on-one mentoring and social events. Past workshops have included topics such as undergraduate research, teaching as an undergraduate and conquering the GRE. 
  • Mentorship: Building relationships to share advice that nourishes your personal pathway in STEM.
  • Community: A hub of resources, connecting people and creating space to share experiences and advice.

Be a Graduate Mentor  Be an Undergraduate Mentee

Why Become a Mentor?

mentorship STEM routesThe best way to learn about graduate school and a future career in STEM is arguably from those who have just faced those challenges, i.e.— grad students. You've all just gone through the challenges that undergrads are currently faced with; you have the freshest advice and are incredibly well-poised to create a lasting bond with an undergrad (basically, you're more comfortable to interact with than an advisor). So we need you to help prepare undergraduate students for grad school and a career in STEM.

Not only can you change a young student's life simply by sharing your research and experience with them, but you also become a part of the larger graduate student community at CU (by which I mean, graduate students outside of your department). Our grad students are vibrant, creative, adventurous individuals from all over the world. STEM Routes isn't just a way to give back to the community, it's a family for graduate students at CU.

To learn more, join the STEM Routes email list to keep up with workshops and social events at and visit the STEM Routes website