How STEM Routes Can Support You

STEM career paths are wrought with secret handshakes and unspoken rules which (rather than selecting for the most motivated, meritorious scientists) too often block students from accessing research and innovation. Navigating the uphill PhD battle often requires a map of steps to making conscious, informed decisions about your future STEM career. While advisors and professors are passionate about supporting students, without key background information, many students don’t know what to ask.

STEM Routes unites existing research opportunities and programs at CU Boulder while offering training to prepare students for internships and research experiences.

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Stop by one of our workshops where we demystify an aspect of the STEM professional career process. Have a specific question? Our mentors always stick around at the end to give one on one advice.

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Our graduate students are trained to offer advice and support as you navigate your STEM career decisions. Get help from those of us who were most recently in your shoes!

Meet our Mentors

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No one can do this alone! Whether you want to join our Book Club or just to get to know us at our Happy Hour, all members of our CU community are welcome to hang out with us!

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