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Uplift makes you a competitive applicant for existing research opportunities. No pre-requisites, no rec letters, no GPA requirement, no prior research experience.

Student Application

Apply to get hands-on, paid lab training throughout the 2024–25 AY

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Apply to host an Uplift student in your research lab for the 2024–25 AY

Info Session & Application Tips

Many students have a lot of questions about Uplift and how to stand out as a candidate. In fact, developing an application for Uplift also helps you create a personal narrative that you can use in building your LinkedIn profile, writing cover letters for future opportunities, or practicing your interview skills. It's difficult to recognize what fits into your story (especially this early in your professional career)! For this reason, we've invited Evan Ferg from the Career Center to host 2 workshops to support you in crafting your personal story for the Uplift application and beyond! If you weren't able to attend these workshops, check out our Application Tips for Students to review what we discussed in those sessions.

Application Tips for Students