We're exploring a new way to do workshops

Up until now, we have adopted a standard workshop format wherein you attend a presentation at a certain time and location. After some introspection, we recognized a number of covert barriers in this approach. For example, if you can't make the event time, you don't have access to this crucial information! We don't believe in gatekeeping, especially not when it has to do with your future career. Additionally, this kind of scheduling demand unfairly impacts students who need to work part-time jobs or return home to their families outside of business hours. If you miss one of our workshops, it usually means you need to wait until we offer that workshop again next year.

In an effort to make our content more accessible, we are developing a revamped approach to workshops that addresses these barriers.

We plan to build out content on Canvas, making it accessible to you anytime, anywhere (with wifi). You can also contact mentors on Canvas for help. We are also continuing the in person workshop sessions; in-person sessions will be focused on discussion, building community, and giving feedback on your content. 

This way, we can serve those of you who learn best asynchronously and those of you who thrive in an interactive setting.