Computer Science Graduate Student Handbook

Submitting a Petition

Please fill out the Graduate Petition Form for the following purposes. 

Computer science graduate students should fill this out to:

  • Request for over ride of CSEN course prerequisites, if you have completed similar courses elsewhere
  • Request enrollment to controlled enrollment sections like the MS thesis, PhD Dissertation hours and independent study research hours
  • Petition to enroll in non-CS courses
  • Submit a PhD breadth course transfer
  • Submit a PhD customized breadth plan (for PhDs)
  • Petition for transfer of credits
  • Request for readmit

Non-CS graduate students, non-degree students and CS undergraduate students should use this to:

  • Request enrollment in CS graduate courses with course prereqs.

General Graduate Forms

Pre-fall 2019 Graduate Forms

Bachelor's-Accelerated Master's Degree Forms

MS Degree Forms

PhD Degree Forms

  • PhD Plan of Study: You must develop a plan of study upon entering the program. 
  • Area Exam Report: Indicates successful completion of the PhD Area Exam.
  • Breadth Course Petition Form: Petition a course to be used towards your breadth requirement. You must petition to use any non-CSCI courses and/or transferred courses from other institutions.
  • Cutomized Breadth Plan Petition: Use this form to petition for a customized breadth option. 
  • Doctoral Examination Report: Used to indicate the committee's evaluation of a Doctoral Examination. Please inform your Grad Advisor on your committee list and exam date once confirmed at at least two weeks before your proposal or final defense. The advisor processes and routes this form for approvals, therefore students need not worry about this form. 
  • Dissertation Defense Announcement: Used to announce a scheduled Dissertation Defense. Please send information needed for this announcement to your grad advisor at least a week before your defense.
  • PhD Checklist: Use this to ensure you are making adequate progress toward your degree.