Time Limit & Extension Information

  • Master’s student time limit: 4 years from the semester of admission
  • ME student time limit: 6 years from the semester of admission
  • Doctoral student time limit: 6 years from the semester of admission

To continue in a graduate program beyond the above time limits, the student must request an extension of time limit prior to the end of the semester in which the time limit (or previous extension) will expire. Requests must be endorsed by the student’s faculty advisor and graduate director/associate chair or associate dean as applicable in your program. Extensions may be granted for a period of up to one year per request.  Extension requests must be submitted electronically via the link/form below. Additional information regarding time limits can be found in the Graduate School Rules[link].  Please also consult department/program policies.

Endorsements Needed

Students will need to provide the following information to proceed to the extension request form:

  • The name and colorado.edu e-mail address of their faculty advisor
  • The name and colorado.edu e-mail address of the graduate director of their program (In some cases this will be the associate chair or associate dean. If you do not have this information, please ask your graduate program assistant)

Information Needed 

The submission of advisor and graduate director information below will route students to the extension request form. The following information should be prepared in advance to provide on the form:

  • Explanation for request, including any extenuating circumstances which may have affected progress
  • Progress made since previous extension request (if applicable)
  • Academic plan and timeline for progress during requested extension period, including milestones/benchmarks for completion of degree
  • Supporting documentation (if applicable)

Submission & Routing Information

Students will receive notification upon submission, and the request for extension will be routed to your faculty advisor and graduate director for endorsement, using the e-mail addresses provided.  Your graduate program assistant will receive a copy.  After review by the Graduate School, the student and program will receive notification. 

Additional instructions here.

Please provide the following information and click submit to continue to the extension request form​:

Student Information:

Faculty Advisor Information:

Graduate Director Information: