DEIA Statement

Part of the Computer Science (CS) Department's mission is for people of all backgrounds and characteristics to be represented, welcomed, supported and treated with the dignity and respect that all people equally deserve. The department recognizes a need for improvement, and commits to making that improvement, in these areas (DEIA):

  • Diversity: Broadening participation and representation in the CU-Boulder CS community, especially for groups historically underrepresented in CS.
  • Equity: Requiring fair and just treatment for all members of our community on both a systemic and an individual level.
  • Inclusion: Welcoming, supporting and valuing people of different backgrounds, especially of backgrounds historically marginalized in CS.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring the availability and usefulness of CU-Boulder CS education, research and other opportunities to all members of our community.

Greater diversity makes CU more welcoming to people of other diverse backgrounds and improves everyone's learning as we share diverse perspectives with each other. Equity is an ethical responsibility that we must fulfill to maintain our integrity as a department. Inclusion and accessibility leads to more success and better experiences for members of our community, which benefits the community as a whole. Improvement in each of these areas will lead to a stronger, more successful department.