Jobs Mailing List

The Computer Science Department maintains a moderated Jobs Mailing List. The list is open to anyone, students, alumni and even the public at large, who wishes to receive email job postings. The jobs are typically full-time salaried positions for those who have graduated, but can include contract work or other similar opportunities for industry professionals. This list is moderated to eliminate spam. If you'd like to join or post to the Jobs List, please click on the link on the right.

Open Faculty and Staff Positions

Every semester, the Department of Computer Science hires lecturers to teach a variety of classes to our students. These courses encompass a wide range of topics including (but not limited to): programing, data structures, algorithms, database systems, operating systems, software engineering methods and tools, data mining, information visualization, cybersecurity, and network systems. 

Needs for courses vary on a semester-by-semester basis; if you are interested in teaching for the department we encourage you to contact us with information on your areas of specialization. The title of Lecturer is given to individuals hired to teach on a course-by-course basis. 

The lecturer title may also be granted to a person of high repute in a field of endeavor related to an academic discipline who has been invited by the University to give a series of lectures or otherwise render instruction. Lecturers must have a graduate degree and/or advanced experience in their field of expertise that provides them with the qualifications to teach the particular course or courses they are hired for. Compensation ranges from $7,000 to $14,000 per course, depending on the teaching assignment and qualifications.

Lecturer faculty with 50% appointments or greater are eligible for benefits with the exception of retirement benefits; however, not eligible for leave as outlined on the Benefit Eligibility Matrix.  Lecturer positions are not permanent employees and are hired on a temporary basis to teach one or more courses per term. This position is eligible for employee sick leave, earned monthly, on a prorated basis. Lecturers are employees at will and not eligible for tenure. For more information, and to review open opportunities for permanent faculty positions, please visit CU Boulder Jobs.

If you have questions about, or are interested in working with us as a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science please contact Chantel Lehl for information about available opportunities. 

Student/Alumni Jobs