Check out the ProReady site! This page gathers all of the resources and pathways for career prep and is an excellent go-to resource for preparing for a career in engineering/tech fields.

The ProReady initiative is an easy and flexible formula for career success for CU Engineering students. Use the ProReady website to connect with resources, experiences, networks, and events from across the college. No matter your major (BS or BA degree), year in school, or background, you can start becoming ProReady at any time. 


Make friends with Handshake, a great resource where CU programs and employers can post jobs, actively recruit students, and communicate about events happening on campus. We strongly recommend you make your profile visible to employers and keep your skills and experience up to date so employers can see all you have to offer.

  • Job/Internship postings: Handshake is a go-to place for companies hiring CU students and alumni. We get a LOT of postings for internships and early-career opportunities and you can apply directly in Handshake. Common “seasons” for hiring are fall (Sept-Oct) and spring (Feb-Apr), but we see new postings in all months of the year.

  • Fairs and Events: Handshake lists events for connecting with industry, such as career fairs, virtual info sessions, and industry visits to campus. These events can be great ways to learn more about companies, ask questions to employees, and show interest in a company. Make it a goal to attend a few of these events each semester to learn about a variety of organizations and career paths.

Engineering Career Services

Our Engineering Career Services team can provide guidance about your internship and career search within STEM fields. Work with this team to create an internship/job search gameplan and strengthen resumes, applications, and interviews. They also have a suite of tools and software to analyze your LinkedIn page, find visa sponsors, prepare for interviews, and more! 

Opt-in Listservs

If you wish to be notified via the Department of Computer Science about student job openings, internships, full-time positions, scholarships, and other CS-related opportunities, subscribe to the listserv(s) below that match your interest.

  • CS Opportunities mailing list = An email list for current students ( email addresses only). Shares Computer Science-related opportunities such as internship openings, student employment, events on campus, student organizations, workshops, scholarships, and networking opportunities. Appropriate for all current students with an interest in CS-related internships, activities, and events. Learn more and see how to subscribe here. Subscription is optional, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

  • CS Jobs mailing list = An email list for post-graduation employment opportunities (full-time, part-time, and contract) in relevant fields. Appropriate for alumni and those nearing graduation within a year. Note that these postings are not vetted by the Department, we merely pass along job postings that we receive. Learn more and see how to subscribe here. Subscription is optional, and you can unsubscribe at any time.  

Technical Interview prep

Many companies hiring for a computing role will ask candidates to complete a technical interview. During this time, candidates show their problem-solving approach and technical knowledge. These exercises can take many forms including peer coding, live coding, completing a take-home assignment, or writing pseudocode on a whiteboard. These questions often center on data structures and algorithms topics.

 You can prepare for these interviews by completing practice questions on sites like LeetCode and Edabit, or using the workbook Cracking the Coding Interview. More information, tips, and links to resources can be found on the Engineering Career Services website.