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The department seeks students who will strengthen our diversity, engage in advanced research or exciting graduate projects, and go on to be alumni successfully pursuing a broad range of careers. Our department offers an excellent PhD in Computer Science program and six cutting-edge MS degree programs in computer science, cybersecurity, computational linguistics, data science and network engineering. Our inclusive community engages in actions that build on the work of CU Boulder’s Diversity Initiative.

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The Department of Computer Science consists of faculty, staff and students dedicated to antiracism, diversity, equity and inclusion. We value the innovation that multiple perspectives and backgrounds bring to our community, and we are building a culture where everyone’s diversity—race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, identity, experience and more—is valued. In this culture, everyone feels a sense of belonging and is able to participate in the department’s research and teaching missions, as well as its initiatives and decision making. We support each other so that all may succeed in achieving their professional and academic goals and positively impact our communities. We are committed to cultivating an environment that integrates antiracism and equity in all that we do.