Expand your knowledge & update your skills.

Certificates can help you develop or enhance specialized expertise in areas like cybersecurity, linguistics and more than can complement your existing computer science education or skillset. Our graduate certificate programs are available to both enrolled graduate students and non-degree-seeking students through CU Boulder's Continuing Education division.

Interdisciplinary Certificates

Many of our faculty members and graduate students are involved in interdisciplinary research with groups like the ATLAS Institute, the BioFrontiers Institute, the Department of Linguistics and the Institute of Cognitive Science. With these interdisciplinary certificates, you can explore the intersections of computer science and linguistics or biology to advance your career or academic interests.   

Certificate in Human Language Technology

The Interdisciplinary Certificate in Human Language Technology provides a rich and broad background for students interested in computational tools for human language processing. The curriculum covers areas such as computer speech recognition, natural language processing, text-based information retrieval and web-based dialog agents. It is jointly sponsored by Computer Science, the Center for Computational Language and Education Research, and the departments of Linguistics; Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering; and Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences.

This master's-level certificate is available to enrolled CU Boulder master’s or PhD students in computer science; linguistics; electrical, computer and energy engineering; and speech, language and hearing sciences, including students in the five-year concurrent bachelor’s / accelerated master’s in computer science. Interested computer science students should contact the HLT curriculum committee member for computer science, Professor James Martin.

Certificate in Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology

The PhD certificate program in Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology (IQ Biology) is a cross-departmental program and part of the BioFrontiers Institute. Computer science is a participating department. For graduate students with a strong quantitative or biological background, IQ Biology offers a diverse interdisciplinary experience through lab rotations, curriculum and programs.