A student who is pursuing the Professional MS degree in Computer Science and wishes to also obtain the Master’s of Engineering in Engineering Management degree must apply internally and be admitted into the Engineering Management Program. In total, graduate students in the dual degree program must complete a total of 45 credit-hours of coursework at the 5000 level or above, consisting of 21 credit hours from the Engineering Management Program (EMP) and at least 24 Department of Computer Science credit -ours.

A student who is pursuing a degree in EMEN and wishes to also obtain Professional MS in Computer Science degree must apply to the Computer Science Department and follow admissions requirements and processes stated HERE.

To receive the dual degree, you must meet both the Computer Science and Engineering Management (EMEN) requirements.

Computer Science Requirements

  • Earn a B or better in THREE breadth course, 1 from each BIN listed at  breadth requirement.
  • Complete the sub plan requirement of the Professional MS sub-plan you are completing (except for HCC sub-plan).
  • Take a total of 24 credits of CS coursework which includes the breadth plus sub-plan course.
  • Take the remaining two graduate level EMEN courses (six credits). 
  • Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 with no grades less than a C.
  • No courses may be transferred from other graduate schools or other programs, schools and departments at CU Boulder, except as approved by the Computer Science Graduate Committee.

Total Number of Credits for the Dual Degree

Students need to complete a total of 45 credits of graduate level course work. Out of these 45 credits, 24 credits have to be CS courses and 21 credits have to be EMEN courses.

Time Frame

Students get a total of five years to complete the requirements of this dual degree. There are no residency requirements. Students may hold either part-time or full-time status during completion of this dual degree.


Students filling out the candidacy application for CSMSCPS/EMEN dual degree will have to include the 24 credits of CS coursework plus six credits of approved EMEN courses to come up with the required 30 credits of the CS/MSCPS degree within the dual degree.