Computer Science courses are listed in the three different breadth bins below.

To earn a Computer Science PhD, MS or MSCPS (Professional masters) degree, you must earn a B or better (not a B-) in at least one 5000-level course (not 6000 or higher) from each of the three bins. By petition to the Graduate Committee, similar transferred graduate work done elsewhere may be used to satisfy part of this requirement. Below is a list of courses for each bin.

Pre-Fall 2019 Breadth Requirements

Current Breadth / BIN Courses

Bin 1

Bin 2

Bin 3

  • CSCI 5135 Computer-Aided Verification
  • CSCI 5253 Datacenter Scale Computing
  • CSCI 5273 Network Systems
  • CSCI 5403 Intro to Cyber Security
  • CSCI 5413 Ethical Hacking
  • CSCI 5448 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
  • CSCI 5523 Modern Offense and Defense in Cybersecurity
  • CSCI 5525 Compiler Construction
  • CSCI 5535 Fundamental Concepts of Programming Languages
  • CSCI 5573 Advanced Operating Systems
  • CSCI 5673 Distributed Systems
  • CSCI 5817 Database Systems
  • CSCI 5828 Foundations of Software Engineering
  • CSCI 5854 Theoretical Foundation of Autonomous System