The Building Systems Program (BSP) focuses on the design and operation of buildings to provide a comfortable, healthy, and productive indoor environment with minimal energy and environmental impact. The program is open to students in all engineering disciplines, as well as exceptional students in architecture, science, and mathematics.

Courses in construction engineering, architectural engineering, environmental engineering, structural engineering, and geotechnical engineering are offered within the department. The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers courses in thermodynamics, heat transfer, indoor air quality, and engineering analysis. The Departments of Aerospace Engineering Sciences and Chemical Engineering offer courses in control system analysis, operations research, and optimization. The Department of Computer Science offers many courses in computer methods and artificial intelligence, including neural network methods.

Support for qualified graduate students is available in the form of University Fellowships, departmental Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships. Awardees may be exempt from paying tuition. In addition to University support, cooperative employment during the academic year and the summer is also possible through local employers, including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, several major mechanical, electrical, and design-build engineering firms, and many small local companies specializing in energy analysis.

Architectural Engineering Graduate Guide