Our CU Boulder Architectural Engineering (Building System Engineering) program seeks to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of buildings. Research areas include design, modeling, and analysis of integrated building energy systems, renewable energy technologies, sustainable materials for buildings, indoor environmental quality, grid-integration and model predictive control for building energy systems, and innovative HVAC and illumination technologies.

The program includes faculty members with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, architecture, illumination engineering, sustainable materials, acoustics and renewable energy engineering.

We offer graduate degrees in architectural engineering and three of our undergraduate degree specializations align within this research area:

We have been offering architectural engineering graduate degrees since 2012 and the Building Systems Engineering program has been producing MS and PhD graduates through the CEAE department for over 30 years. Graduates from this program work in the public and private sectors in the broad areas of building energy systems, including academic positions at universities, researchers at national laboratories, and design and analysis in the building industry.