Published: Jan. 8, 2020

2019 Global Engineering Awards

2019 Global Engineering Award recipients: (L to R) Bernard Amadei (Humanitarian Award), Seul (Kathy) Ku (Outstanding Student Award), Dr. Elizabeth Hausler (Outstanding Professional Award)

The Mortenson Center is hosting the second annual Global Engineering Awards recognizing a professional and a student whose work aligns with the Mortenson Center's mission and vision. The nomination process is now open, and nominations will be accepted until January 31, 2020. These awards seek to highlight the work of individuals who contribute to the field of global engineering. This encompasses not only those students and professionals in traditional engineering disciplines, with a focus on positive impact in low- and middle-income countries, but also those who are in related disciplines that take a solutions-oriented approach to the same challenges - water, sanitation, energy, food, shelter, and infrastructure. These related disciplines include global health, environmental science, atmospheric science, agricultural science, geography, governance, policy and community advocacy. 

At the Global Engineering Awards on the evening of March 4, there will be an opening reception, in collaboration with the Colorado WASH Symposium, followed by the awards ceremony and a keynote speech by humanitarian and former NASA astronaut Ron Garan. Mr. Garan is the author of the critically acclaimed book The Orbital Perspective and is currently launching two new books: Railroad to the Moon and Floating in Darkness.

Read about the 2019 Global Engineering Award Recipients.

Jan. 31, 2020 - Deadline to Nominate
March 4, 2020, evening - Global Engineering Awards