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The Planning Committee of the 2023 Colorado WASH Symposium is excited to announce that the Symposium will be a hybrid event held on March 9th & 10th, 2023. 

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2023 Symposium Themes

  • Sovereignty & Justice - Neo-colonial Legacies / Gender / Sexual Orientation / Anti-Racism
  • Climate Change, Resilient WASH & Adaptation- Assessment and Modeling / Proactive Response.
  • WASH in Emergency Settings - Disasters / Violent Conflict / Migration / COVID-19, refugee camps, settlements, and slums
  • Availability & Accessibility - Including WASH for children/infants, individuals with disabilities, pregnant & lactating women, hospitals/schools, prisons.
  • The Future of WASH - Innovation / Data Analytics / Systems / Changes in the WASH profession, Emerging Technologies



(i) Bring experts in the WASH sector as speakers to highlight promising global approaches to selected topics

(ii) Feature exciting, recent work in the WASH sector of students, professors, researchers, development practitioners and social entrepreneurs from Colorado



The intent of the Colorado WASH Symposium is to provide a platform for sharing and expanding collective knowledge in the field of water, sanitation, and hygiene in both domestic and international contexts. The symposium brings together leaders and WASH practitioners in social enterprises, the private sector, NGOs, academia, and development agencies. The Colorado WASH Symposium is deliberately small and intimate - designed around in-depth conversations and unrushed sessions where each individual’s contribution is valued.


Colorado WASH Symposium: A Brief History

In 2012, a small interdisciplinary group of students interested in issues in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector applied for a small Engineering Excellence Fund grant to support a panel discussion on WASH. With their enthusiasm, the panel discussion grew to a two-day symposium with speakers from the World Bank, FHI 360, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and a host of local businesses and NGOs engaged in WASH activities. The event attracted over 140 participants, from different backgrounds and disciplines, and fostered provocative debate and collaboration between important players within the WASH sector. 

The WASH Symposium is still coordinated by students at CU-Boulder, and continues to grow in popularity with WASH professionals from around the world. 

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