Meet the Keynote Speakers for the 2022 Colorado WASH Symposium! 


Tammam Aloudat

Tammam Aloudat Headshot

Tammam Aloudat is the Managing Director of the Global Health Centre. He is a Syrian physician and humanitarian worker with 20 years of experience working with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) working in conflicts, natural disasters, forced displacement, and disease outbreaks both in projects and in the headquarters. He has worked on issues ranging from medical standards and quality of care, humanitarian ethics, palliative care, to access to medicines. He has engaged in the debate on decolonising aid and global health and co-founded Action to Decolonise Global Health (ActDGH).

Sherry Bradley

Sherry Bradley Headshot

Sherry Bradley, M.P.A., is employed by the Department of Public Health and is the Director of the Bureau of Environmental Services. Ms. Bradley’s career of 44 years has been with the Department of Public Health and she has worked in all areas of environmental health.

At the Bureau of Environmental Services, Ms. Bradley directs the regulation of permitting, product manual approval, installation, maintenance, and use of onsite sewage disposal treatment systems.

Ms. Bradley has, for the past 4 years, worked and created the Black Belt Unincorporated Wastewater Program (BBUWP) and the infrastructure needed to support it. The BBUWP is responsible for the installation of at least 175 onsite sewage disposal systems for single family dwellings without proper wastewater disposal in Lowndes County, Alabama. Some properties selected will be for system repairs that are failing due to abuse of the systems, not enough field lines installed, etc. The BBUWP model can be duplicated by local officials and used in other blackbelt counties.