Postdoctoral researcher Wouter Hoogkamer with a prototype of the 4%.

The world's fastest shoe?

What’s in a name? Ask Rodger Kram, director of CU Boulder’s Locomotion Lab.

 Various social media icons

Scientists are spying on your tweets. Is it ethical?

With the explosion of social media has come a feast of data for scientists to analyze.

Overhead shot of coastal neighborhood

Rising tides sink property values

The world is changing; it seems natural that prices for large purchases such as homes would change, too.

Female student holding up soft, flexible device

Flexing some muscle

The soft robots of the future are strong, nimble and adaptable

Crowd at the startup hub grand opening

The innovation campus: a tipping point for CU Boulder

At this year’s New Venture Challenge (NVC), a rowdy annual CU Boulder startup competition at the Boulder Theater, well-known entrepreneur and venture capitalist Brad Feld witnessed a transformative moment for the campus.

Solar storm

Grand Challenge: Solar storm chasers

Mass media representations of space weather—variable conditions in space that can affect the technological systems modern society depends on—often evoke visions of catastrophic power grid failures and global chaos.

Black hole expelling gas

Black holes feast on stars

How many stars does a black hole eat? The answer to this riddle, at least for some supermassive black holes, is one per year.

Burping black hole

Burping black holes

What’s a feast without the occasional belch?

Ring of small fragments in space

How dust bunnies grow up to be planets

CU Boulder researchers are also investigating collisions between much smaller objects in space.

Camera drone

Together, every drone achieves more

There’s no I in drone.