Students in spacesuits

New minor brings space expertise to the masses

As the top public university for NASA research funding, CU Boulder is famous for aerospace.

An artist's concept of Cassini during the Saturn orbit insertion. (NASA)

Cassini's swan song

It was a bittersweet ending for some CU Boulder scientists and students. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft made one last dive toward Saturn, breaking up like a meteor in its crushing atmosphere in September.

Closeup of a comet

Why some comets break up, then make up

“Some comets are like couples—they break up, but then they get back together down the road,” says Distinguished Professor Daniel Scheeres of the Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences.

NASA astronaut Terry Virts manipulating a BioServe experiment on ISS.

BioServe delivers

Sky is the limit for BioServe Space Technologies.

Jamie Principato in lab

Blind student shoots for the stars

Jamie Principato wants to ensure that blind students can excel in science and engineering careers. So the CU undergraduate is parlaying her own experience in designing and building space instruments to help them get the training they’ll need.

Salty lake bed

Last Lake on Mars

A newly discovered 18-square-mile salt flat (roughly the size of Boulder) likely represents the evaporated remains of one of the last potentially habitable surface lakes to exist on the Red Planet.

Heather Hava

Strawberry Fields Forever

Heather Hava has astronomical gardening skills. The CU Boulder graduate student develops advanced fruit and vegetable gardening systems for use by astronauts on Martian and lunar outposts.

Mars solar storm

Solar Wind

For a team of CU Boulder students and scientists studying climate change on Mars, the answer is “blowin’ in the wind”.

CU-Boulder students helm an ambitious NASA space weather mission.


CU-Boulder students helm an ambitious NASA space weather mission.