Sensors monitoring indoor air quality from cooking

A secret pollution hot spot: your home

What’s in the air inside your home? More than you think.

CU Boulder Professor Lupita Montoya and undergraduate student standing behind bottles of nail polish

The hidden risk of nail salons

When CU Boulder Professor Lupita Montoya walked into a nail salon years ago, she was struck by the pungent smell of open chemicals used in gel and acrylic nail applications.

Professor Corrie Detweiler looking at bacteria

Kryptonite for superbugs?

With antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” infecting 2 million people per year, and a dearth of new medications in the pipeline to treat them, CU Boulder researchers are taking a novel approach to addressing the looming public health crisis.

Person using 5-minute workout device

A 5-minute workout that can strengthen your heart and brain

Working out 5 minutes a day, without lifting a weight or jogging a step, may be able to reduce your heart attack risk, improve your thinking and boost your sports performance, preliminary CU Boulder research suggests.

Researchers holding shape shifting material

Mighty morphin’ shape shifter

How can a square peg fit into a round hole? Pretty easily, thanks to a new shape-shifting material developed by CU Boulder engineers.

Mark Rentschler holding Endoculus device

A robot may one day perform your colonoscopy

A team from CU Boulder is out to change the way millions of Americans get their regular colonoscopy screenings—with the goal of making these notoriously uncomfortable procedures easier for doctors and patients alike.

Boulder flatirons aerial

Innovation ecosystem achieves liftoff

Is there a better place than CU Boulder to learn the art of innovation or the mindset of the entrepreneur?

Drone closeup

Students critical to massive drone study of tornadoes

Researchers from CU Boulder flew drones into severe storms this spring for project TORUS, one of the largest and most ambitious drone-based investigations of meteorological phenomena ever, with students leading much of the work.


Taking the measure of an asteroid

Researchers at CU Boulder have gotten front-row seats to one of the closest encounters with an asteroid in history.

Jun Ye

New quantum initiative establishes CU Boulder as a global leader

In January 2019, the university launched the CUbit Quantum Initiative, a cross-campus initiative for quantum science and technology.