OCG Rock STARs! Excellence in Sponsored Project Administration is an employee recognition program for the Office of Contracts and Grants. This newly formed program consists of both formal recognition initiated from the Senior Leadership team and a peer-to-peer recognition process.

Peer-to-Peer Board

The mission of the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Board is to steward the Thanks-a-Latte and STAR Honoree programs, through the process of both formal and informal peer-to-peer nomination, evaluation and recognition of colleagues whose actions or service have had a significant impact towards the mission, vision and values of OCG. For Rock STAR Honoree Recognitions, the P2P Board will consider both the direct recognitions made through the Thanks-a-Latte form, as well as formal nominations received.


OCG personnel are encouraged to thank and recognize their peers directly through Thanks-a-Latte online form. When completing the form, nominators will be asked to describe what makes their OCG Peer a Rock Star. Once submitted, both the nominator and nominee will receive notice.  Thanks-A-Latte Recognitions made will be considered for Awards issued by the Peer-to-Peer Board.

Say "thanks" to a peer using  Thanks-A-Latte.

Rock STAR Honoree

P2P will consider nominations for OCG personnel that have demonstrated a service that has result in improved morale, greater efficiency, or higher quality of service in OCG. Nominee(s) must meet at least one of the following attributes:

  • Demonstrated ongoing excellence in service and leadership over a period of time (min. 3 months)
  • Achievements with a significant and positive impact on the university community through the use of problem solving, or collaborative partnership development
  • Provision of substantial assistance to CG as an enterprise that is above and beyond the scope of normal responsibility
  • Exemplary performance for an individual act of excellence derived from personal initiative
  • An identified group, team, unit, or section within OCG that has displayed exemplary teamwork, effectiveness, exceptional service, or other accomplishments in support of the organizational unit’s stated mission
  • Participation and involvement in an OCG initiative
  • Demonstrated valued service and assistance that reflects OCG norms

Nominate a Rock Star using the Peer-to-Peer recommendation form.

Nomination and Awards

All OCG University Staff and Classified Staff are eligible for nomination. To nominate OCG personnel to be a STAR (Service, Thanks, Appreciation and Recognition) Honoree, the nominator should complete the Peer-to-Peer recommendation form detailing the nominee’s service being recommended for recognition. The P2P Board may also consider Thanks-A-Latte recognitions as nominations. The P2P will evaluate each nomination using a scoring rubric based on the rational and impact of the nominee’s service.

Nominations and identification of award will be selected and determined by the P2P Board per the merit criteria detailed in the Peer-to-Peer Review Board Summary. Award recommendations approved by Senior Leadership will be presented at OCG All Staff meetings.