We partner throughout the lifecycle of an award with faculty, staff and students to obtain and manage external support for sponsored activities through our specialized regulatory and organizational expertise.


We are the recognized leaders in research administration setting standards of excellence in collaboration, process innovation, and engaging top talent to support CU Boulder’s global impact.​

Strategic Priorities

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is focused on building relationships, meeting stakeholder needs and expectations and delivering on commitments with transparency, accuracy and consistency.

Process Innovation

Process innovation is about continuously improving our operational activity so that we are leveraging the right resources, integrating with other processes and units and adapting to changing requirements.

People Development

People development is fostering a high trust environment that promotes personal and professional growth to advance employee skills, expertise and leadership through relevant learning opportunities and mentoring.

Infrastructure Optimization

Infrastructure optimization is the ongoing evaluation of rapidly changing technological tools and work strategies and deploying those that contribute to growth and improved functionality.