All final financial, programmatic, and property reports are generally due no later than 90 days after the award end date. The kind of property report required by the sponsor is typically determined by where title to property acquired with award funds vests.

When a final property report is required by the sponsor and fixed assets (account codes beginning with 810) have been charged to the award, the department is required to complete the Department Closeout Property Report (DCPR). Departments are asked to do the following when completing the DCPR:

  • Review the award fixed asset financial details
  • Identify the tag numbers associated with each fixed asset purchase
  • Address whether there is a reportable residual inventory of supplies that were acquired with award funds
  • Confirm that fixed asset and supply purchases on the award meet the cost principles
  • Provide detailed information about the continued use of standalone permanent equipment, status of fabrications and/or delivery of sponsor-titled property (i.e. deliverables)

The DCPR is due 30 days in advance of the sponsor’s deadline for the University to submit a final property report. Departments can review the InfoEd award record to see whether a DCPR is required for any sponsored awards. OCG sends the initial and follow up notifications on the DCPR through DocuSign; departments and Principal Investigators are encouraged to complete the DCPR through DocuSign.