The term Subagreements refers to either a Subaward or a Subcontract. Subagreements may be issued to collaborators outside the realm of the University, both nationally and internationally, in order to further specific research goals.

The Subcontracts Team partners with University and outside collaborator staff members to ensure appropriate documentation is in place. We strive to provide the highest caliber of professionalism and to serve as an effective representative for the research enterprise at the University and beyond.

Lifecycle of an Outgoing Subaward

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Including an outgoing sub on your proposal

The Proposal Package must include the Sub’s:

The Proposal Package must include:
  • Include subrecipient proposal in the full proposal
  • Include the subrecipient’s budget total as a single direct cost line item in proposal budget
  • Include other forms (e.g, budget, biosketches, other support) as required by Sponsor
  • Forward completed proposal to Proposal Analyst for review

Subrecipient Statement of Work Components:

  • Purpose or objective of the work to be performed by the Subrecipient
  • Possible timetable or schedule of the work to be performed
  • Any deliverables, products, or expected outcomes

The entire proposal, including the subrecipient proposal and budget, will be submitted by OCG's Proposal Analysts.​

Prime award received with outgoing sub(s)

After an award is received, the Grant or Contract Officer negotiates and processes the prime award and sets up the sub accounts in the database.

The Grant or Contract Officer then routes the award to CCO.  

Subcontract Officer receives new outgoing sub

After the Prime award is fully set up by CCO the Subcontracts team receives notification.

The Subcontract Officer reviews sub paperwork and works with the PI, Department Administrators, and the Subrecipient to obtain any additional required documentation.

The Subcontract Officer during this phase also:

  • Subrecipient Budget (Revised Budget from Proposal if Funding Amount Changed)
  • Prime Award Budget with Subrecipient as Line Item
  • Subrecipient Budget Justification
  • Statement of Work (Revised Statement of Work if Scope of Work Changed from Proposal)
  • Subrecipient Commitment Form
  • Sole Source Justification if the Prime is a contract
  • Sub Review Form
  • Human and/or Animal Subjects Approvals, if applicable
  • Any Special Terms that the PI would like to add (reports, communication, deliverables, etc.)
  • Subrecipient’s Federally Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (statement of how indirect cost rate is determined)
  • Export Control Information (foreign nationals, home country) if applicable
  • Marketplace requisition, see instructions on How to set up a new requisition in Marketplace and Creating Subcontract SPOs with F&A Split

Signed subagreement received from subrecipient

  • The Subcontract Officer approves CU Marketplace requisition and creates a Purchase Order
  • The fully executed agreement and Purchase Order will be automatically be sent to the subrecipient and department administrator
  • Subrecipient can begin invoicing

Modification received to prime award with outgoing sub(s)

The Grant or Contract Officer negotiates and processes the mod and routes to CCO. Once fully set up by CCO the Subcontract Officer is notified.

Modification routed to Subcontract Officer

The Subcontract Officer logs modification and reviews sub paperwork and works with PI, Department Administrators, and the Subrecipient to obtain all missing documentation.

Once all documentation has been obtained a sub modification is written and sent to the sub. The purchase order is updated with the new information once the sub modification is fully signed.

Types of Modifications 

Paperwork needed:
  • SPO Markup authorized by the PI
  • Subrecipient Revised Budget
  • Subrecipient Revised Budget Justification
  • Subrecipient Revised Statement of Work (if effected by change of funding)

Paperwork needed if Sub is continuing work:

Paperwork needed if Sub is stopping work:

No paperwork is needed. Notice will be sent to the PI and department from the Subcontract Officer.

Closeout of Sub

The Subcontracts team handles the closeout of all Subagreements. Looking to close out a subrecipient before the end of the period of performance? Watch Removing Funds from a Subrecipient Video Tutorial for next steps.

We are stewards of the University of Colorado Boulder. We operate with the PI, Department, University and Subrecipient’s best interests in mind.