Restricted categories, such as Subaward and Participant Support reallocations, are administered by the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) due to the restricted nature or potential sponsor approval required. The distinction between unrestricted and restricted funds is maintained through the use of separately balanced groups of accounts in order to provide acceptable reporting of stewardship to donors and other external agencies. Sub and participant support funding are accounted for separately in the financial system.

  • A subaward change may include adding a new subaward after award acceptance, altering subaward funding, or transferring a subaward from one entity to another.
  • A participant support reallocation involves reducing or increasing funding to a Participant Support category approved by the sponsor.

Sponsor Award Budget approved categories are derived from the Sponsor Budget provided on the Notice of Award document and input into the Award and Financial database as of September 2018.

The Subaward and Participant Support Reallocation form is used to determine what amount of funds are moving to and from the restricted fund categories. The University of Colorado Boulder Department/Institute should reference the current available financial information to fill the form accurately. Prior to the change, please email the form to where our team will distribute the information to the appropriate Contract/Grant Officer and Subaward Officer to determine next steps, such as attaining sponsor approval or deobligating an existing subagreement. If you have specific questions please contact your Contract/Grant Officer.

Subaward and Participant Support Reallocation Form