Indirect Cost Waivers/Reductions are required when, for any reason other than sponsor requirements, a Principal Investigator (PI) would like to request less than full indirect costs in the budget. See CU Boulder’s Waiver Policy for details. When the sponsor has a published cap on Indirect Costs no Waiver/Reduction request is necessary. Instead, the IDC Addendum will be used to document the situation and the approval from the head of the unit acknowledging the loss of Indirect Costs/F&A for the unit.

Please be aware that Indirect Cost Waivers are very rarely granted given the importance of indirect costs to CU Boulder’s overall operations. The following is a list of types of sponsors for which Waiver/Reduction requests are not eligible for consideration:

  • Proposals to/projects with Federal sponsors (Direct or Prime Sponsor)
  • Proposals to/projects with an office within the Colorado State Government
  • Outgoing subawards which are the result of incoming transfers

In rare cases, waiver/reduction requests for proposals to/projects with industry or corporate sponsors may be granted by Industry & Foundation Relations. The standard process for a waiver/reduction request is to be followed.

Your Proposal Analyst can help answer any questions you may have on this topic.

Indirect Cost Waiver/Reduction requests to non-Federal, non-corporate entities will be considered only if submitted to your unit’s OCG Proposal Analyst a minimum of 10 business days ahead of the published submission deadline.