Published: Feb. 14, 2019

Sponsors expect timely submission of progress and/or technical reports as outlined in the award. In fact, many sponsors have improved their report submission systems, created automated tracking of report submissions, and forewarn of consequences to the university much more often than in the past.

Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation, Terri Fiez, approved a new procedural statement that details CU Boulder’s report submission responsibilities and consequences for late reports or disregarding notification deadlines. The procedural statement outlines responsibilities and steps taken when reports are late.

What are PI and OCG responsibilities?

PIs are expected to timely submit reports to the sponsor and to provide a copy of the report to OCG. Providing a copy of your report to OCG is critical. OCG does not have access to most sponsor databases.

OCG tracks reporting dates in InfoEd and is responsible for uploading into InfoEd all reports received from PIs. InfoEd is the official repository for all CU Boulder award-related documents to substantiate CU’s award management practices as required by Federal regulations.

What happens if a report is late?

OCG will notify PIs a maximum of 3 times if a report is late. Each OCG notification has a 3-day response time before the next notification is sent. At the 3rd notification, a hold is placed on all of a PI’s active awards.

For chronically late reports and disregarding notification deadlines, a hold will be placed on all active awards AND proposals until reports are submitted.

Colleges and/or Schools may impose further sanctions in accordance with the Faculty Affairs Policy on Professional Rights & Duties of Faculty Members & Roles & Responsibilities of Department Chairs, up to and including denying merit increases in the next merit cycle.

Bottom line: Submit reports on time every time. Doing so keeps PIs, their research and the University in good standing with CU Boulder’s sponsors.

OCG Resources

The Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) has developed an interactive Guide to Sponsor Reporting Requirements and an overview handout regarding report submission procedures. OCG is available to help answer report submission questions at