Musicology students in class


Welcome to musicology at the University of Colorado Boulder College of Music!

We offer courses in the history of Western music across all periods; ethnomusicology, including courses in African, Japanese, Latin American, American Indian and Euro-American musics; and in special topics such as aesthetics, music and ritual, progressive rock, history of opera and world music theories.

Our graduate students work individually on upper-level studies with the faculty, whose specializations encompass a breadth of Western music and geographical and topical subfields of ethnomusicology. Graduate students develop individual projects, attend seminars and participate in regular colloquia with the entire faculty and leading researchers in historical musicology, ethnomusicology and music theory.

The BA and BM in musicology degrees prepare students for graduate study in historical musicology and ethnomusicology, or for positions in music writing, broadcasting, public sector ethnomusicologyand teaching. The College of Music also offers a variety of world music ensembles student participation.

Musicology + music theory colloquium series


We’re proud to highlight musicology alumni, as well as PhD recipients and their dissertationsCheck out our alumni class notes for more alumni accomplishments and follow our ongoing alumni highlights on Instagram.