The financial services team provides human resources and finance support to faculty and staff within the College of Music. Our team helps to ensure that all purchasing and travel is conducted in compliance with university policies and procedures.

Online forms

Honorarium form
Once submitted, this form will automatically route to the email for review and processing.

Non-travel expense reimbursement request form
Once submitted, this form will automatically route to the email for review and processing.

  • Reimbursements should not be the usual way that a department obtains goods. Reimbursement of goods is limited to $5,000 and is further limited to commodities not covered by university price agreements. For questions about out-of-pocket expenses, or to make a purchase via CU Marketplace or with a university procurement card, contact the designated Financial Services Team member for your department. A personal payment for services, cash awards, gift cards or study subject payments cannot be reimbursed.

Concur travel request
All professional domestic and international travel must be approved prior to booking a trip using Concur Request. Concur Request replaces the hardcopy professional travel form and is used as a means for reporting your plan for covering your classes and other professional obligations in your absence, therefore a Concur Request must be submitted for all professional travel, regardless of whether the trip is being funded by CU or an outside entity. 

Travel expense reimbursement request form
PowerForm coming soon. Please contact Casey Klopp.

Finance services staff: whom to contact

Kathryn Bistodeau, Communications + Program Assistant

  • Procurement card purchases ($5,000 or less), communications, event scheduling, and guest travel for the following departments: 
    • American Music Research Center (AMRC)
    • Entrepreneurship Center for Music (ECM)

Rachelle Crowell, Ensembles Program Coordinator

  • Procurement card purchase ($5,000 or less), CU Marketplace purchases ($10,000 or less) and guest travel for the following departments
    • Conducting (Choral, Orchestral, Wind)
    • Jazz Studies 
    • Honor Band
    • Marching Band
    • Summer Music Academies and Conducting Symposium

Request a purchase from Rachelle

Casey Klopp, Travel + Procurement Coordinator

  • Questions regarding any of the above travel, honorarium, or expense reimbursement forms 
  • Travel arrangements for visiting guests
  • Concur expense reports (procurement card, travel card, employee + non-employee reimbursements)
  • Procurement + travel cardholder updates 
  • Procurement card purchases ($5,000 or less) and CU Marketplace purchases ($10,000 or less) for the following departments: 
    • Musician’s Wellness Program
    • Piano + keyboard
    • Strings
    • Voice
    • Woodwinds

Request a purchase from Casey

Arianne Powell, HR + Finance Professional

  • HR Liaison
    • Student employee, graduate student and temporary faculty + staff appointments
    • Payroll, vacation and sick leave questions
    • MyLeave
    • Additional pay forms
  • Scholarship award processing
  • M-Fin financial reports and reconciliation questions
  • Questions regarding honorariums, employee and non-employee reimbursements
  • CU Marketplace purchase requisitions (>$10,000) for all departments
  • Procurement card purchases ($5,000 or less) and CU Marketplace purchases ($10,000 or less) for the following departments:
    • Brass + percussion
    • Composition
    • Music education
    • Musicology
    • Theory

Carrie Howard, Assistant Dean for Budget + Finance

  • Backup procurement card purchasing for any of the departments listed above
  • Questions related to allowable expenditures and the interpretation of university procurement and travel policies
  • M-Fin reports
  • Speedtype requests
  • Budget and funding requests
  • Gift fund management
  • Faculty Affairs liaison
    • Offer letters for Instructors and T/TT faculty
    • Faculty leave of absence and parental leave requests

Other contacts + resources

Dustin Rumsey, Media Specialist

  • Computer, software and IT peripheral purchases


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